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Tips on how to Pay Payroll Taxes

There are plenty of issues to maintain monitor of as a enterprise proprietor, with payroll taxes being one in every of them. The IRS requires you to withhold payroll taxes in your staff’ earnings and in addition contribute payroll taxes. This course of could be difficult should you aren’t ready. Learn on to study the distinction between revenue and payroll taxes, how one can pay payroll taxes, how one can calculate payroll, your payroll tax deposit schedule, and extra.

What’s the distinction between payroll and revenue taxes?

Employment taxes embody each payroll taxes and revenue taxes. It’s vital to grasp the distinction between revenue tax and payroll tax. Payroll taxes are shared together with your worker—each of you contribute the identical proportion primarily based on worker wages. Not like revenue taxes, payroll taxes fund social insurance coverage packages.

Revenue tax is paid strictly by the worker. This tax consists of federal revenue tax and may embody state and native revenue taxes. Revenue tax is predicated on an worker’s W-4 and submitting standing. 

There are extra taxes that you just’ll must hold monitor of, like FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) tax. For this text, we’re going to focus solely on paying payroll taxes.

What are payroll taxes?

Payroll taxes embody the Federal Insurance coverage Contributions Act (FICA) tax. FICA tax has two parts: Social Safety tax and Medicare tax. FICA tax advantages retirees, the disabled, and kids.

Social Safety offers advantages for retired employees and:

  • The dependents of retired employees
  • Disabled employees and their dependents
  • Survivors of deceased employees

Medicare taxes profit individuals 65 years or older, kids with disabilities, and qualifying well being situations no matter age. 

Tips on how to pay payroll taxes

Now that you already know what makes up payroll taxes, you’ll must know the following steps to take. To pay payroll taxes, you have to:

  1. Calculate FICA tax
  2. Withhold the tax
  3. Report the withheld tax on the correct time
  4. Deposit the tax to the correct businesses
  5. Hold detailed information

Chill out—run payroll in simply 3 simple steps!

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1. Calculate FICA tax

FICA tax is shared evenly between you and your worker (you each pay the identical proportion of worker wages). The entire FICA price is 15.3%, which breaks all the way down to 12.4% for Social Safety and a pair of.9% for Medicare. 

For Social Safety: You and your worker every pay 6.2% (half of 12.4%). 

To calculate your portion of Social Safety, multiply the worker’s gross taxable wages by .062. That is additionally the quantity you have to withhold from worker wages.

Solely withhold and contribute Social Safety taxes on wages as much as the Social Safety wage base.

For Medicare: You and your worker every pay 1.45% (half of two.9%).

To calculate your portion of Medicare, multiply your worker’s gross taxable wage by .0145. That is additionally the quantity you have to withhold from worker wages. 

There is no such thing as a wage base for Medicare taxes. You may additionally must withhold a further 0.9% on wages earned above the extra Medicare tax threshold.

Let’s check out an instance.

Maria’s annual pay for 2021 is $60,000. Maria is paid biweekly. Her biweekly test, earlier than taxes, would complete roughly $2,307.69 ($60,000 / 26). Right here’s the way you’ll calculate FICA tax off of her biweekly gross wages. 

For Social Safety, multiply her gross wages by .062. 

$2,307.69 x .062 = $143.07

For Medicare, multiply her gross wages by .0145. 

$2,307.69 x .0145 = $33.46

Including these two sums collectively will give us Maria’s complete FICA tax. 

$143.07 + $33.46 = $176.53

You’ll withhold $176.53 from Maria’s paycheck and make an identical contribution of $176.53 for a complete of $353.06.

2. Withhold the tax

After you already know the quantity of taxes to withhold, hold maintain of it till you might be able to make your deposit. Likewise, put aside your employer payroll tax obligation, too.

Nevertheless you select to retailer your worker taxes, make it possible for it’s secure and straightforward so that you can perceive and use. It’s possible you’ll wish to use a separate enterprise or payroll checking account. If you happen to use full-service payroll, the supplier will deal with this for you. 

3. Report the withheld tax

You will need to report the withheld tax to the IRS utilizing Type 941 or 944.You may file on paper or by means of e-file. 

Type 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, or Type 944, Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return, report each federal revenue tax and FICA tax.

Of the 2, Type 941 is the commonest. The IRS will let you already know if it’s worthwhile to use Type 944. 

4. Deposit the tax to the correct businesses

Deposit schedules are both quarterly or yearly. Your deposit schedule is decided by the full tax legal responsibility reported on Type 941, line 12, or Type 944, line 9, throughout your lookback interval

Your lookback interval helps you determine the deposit schedule for payroll taxes. A lookback interval operates by including up your quarterly or annual tax legal responsibility, the sum of which decides your deposit schedule. For example, in case your complete tax legal responsibility is underneath $50,000, you’ll deposit each month. Conversely, in case your complete tax legal responsibility is over $50,000, you’ll deposit semi-weekly. 

Right here’s the way it works. 

If you happen to use Type 941, report your taxes quarterly. This technique of dividing the 12 months into fiscal quarters would be the similar manner your lookback interval operates. Your lookback interval begins July 1 and ends June 30 the following 12 months. So, should you needed to find out your deposit schedule for 2023, your lookback interval would start July 1, 2021 and finish June 30, 2022. Listed below are the quarters your lookback interval would cowl for a 2023 deposit schedule:

Q3 (2021) This autumn (2021) Q1 (2022) Q2 (2022)
July 1-Sept 30 Oct 1-Dec 31 Jan 1-Mar 31 Apr 1-June 30

By including up the tax legal responsibility of every quarter, you will discover your complete tax legal responsibility for the 12 months. 

If you happen to use Type 944, issues are extra easy. As a result of Type 944 experiences your taxes on an annual foundation, you don’t have so as to add up the quarters to grasp your complete tax legal responsibility. As a substitute, you’ll take a look at your annual tax legal responsibility. However, it may nonetheless be a bit difficult. 

If you happen to’re utilizing Type 944 to file within the present 12 months or have used it previously two years, you’ll want to have a look at your annual tax legal responsibility from two years earlier than your present submitting interval. Submitting for 2022? Take a look at your annual tax legal responsibility for 2020. 

When you add up your tax legal responsibility utilizing both the quarter or annual technique, you’ll have the ability to discover when it’s worthwhile to make your deposits. In case your annual tax legal responsibility is:

  • Underneath $50,000, you’re a month-to-month depositor. Deposit employment taxes on wages paid throughout a month by the fifteenth day of the next month.
  • Over $50,000, you’re a semi-weekly depositor. Deposit employment taxes for wages paid on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday by the next Wednesday. And, deposit taxes for wages paid on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday by the next Friday.

Use the Digital Federal Tax Fee System for all federal tax deposits.

5. Hold detailed information

Even after every little thing is correctly withheld, reported, and deposited, you continue to have a bit of labor to do. Hold detailed information as you go about your work. The data wanted to course of payroll accurately may be requested by federal or state businesses. It’s finest to be ready. 

Hold monitor of:

  • Worker pay price
  • Hours labored
  • Gross pay
  • Withholdings
  • Web pay

Additionally, make copies of all worker tax data (e.g., worker W-2s, W-4s, and state and native types.

This isn’t meant as authorized recommendation; for extra data, please click on right here.



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